Chairman's Message

Organizations don’t innovate, people do innovations are made up of three kinds of elements: 

Business , Technical and Human. Business and technical elements can be best managed by the human elements So, we at CAEHS believed in working for students consistently with an organized approach from the devoted staff of the college. Unless given an empathetic guidance, the brightest of the student’s cannot generate innovative ideas the environment in the college has given a platform to the students to understand the fundamentals of past success theories. Not only this they also choose to derive these lessons and translate them into real time application keeping the current demands and needs in perspective. In CAEHS, the academic programs have been bench-marked against the best prevailing standards with regular up-gradation. It is our belief that value-based learning lead to the holistic development of personality and expertise of the students and the faculty, will be our long lasting contribution to the overall growth of our Nation and Society. We are committed to help the students to grow mentally alert and physically sound ,prepared to lead the nation with distinction.