To develop an appreciation of the role of the teacher in the prevailing socio-cultural and political context in general, and the educational system in particular. CAEHS is putting systematise experiences and strengthen the professional competency of in-service teachers. To imbibe the knowledge and develop understanding of various methods and approaches of organising learning experiences of secondary school students and to develop skills required in selection and organising learning experiences. To understand the nature of the learner and of learning processes and to develop skills involved in dealing with the academic and personal problems of learners. To acquire knowledge and develop understanding about the various procedures and techniques of evaluation and their classroom application. To develop skills involved in selecting, developing and using evaluation tools. To provide knowledge and develop understanding about various aspects of school management. To develop competencies for organising various instructional and student-support activities.

Courses Offered:

B.Ed. (Bachelor of Education)

BTC (Basic Training Certificate)


2 Years (full time)