Bachelor of Business Administration is the undergraduate programme which is getting popularity among many youngsters nowadays. For the past few years, the course has been extensively improved in order to reach the great expectations of various core based industries that are involved in managerial business as well as the human resource areas. This reason shows the importance of the course.

The course mainly focuses on the study of business administration. It includes the in-depth study of the diverse aspects of business and the management of its operations. The significance of the course can be easily reviewed by checking the requirements needed to be a part of a corporate firm. It is not much easily to be a part of the corporate firms in the present scenario.

One needs outstanding skills in the concerned specialization to manage the company’s business operations. And to gain these skills they must complete the graduation in BBA.

We at CAEHS provides not only theoretical concepts to our students but also emphasize on the practical knowledge.

Course Offered:

BBA( Bachelor of Business Administration)


3 Years (full time)