Home Science

Department of Home Science offers a unique opportunity to study a combination of engineering, management and science courses. The study of Home Science and Home Economics is currently popular with women candidates. The subject is largely scientific in nature and hence requires an analytical mind and scientific acumen. A practical approach is critical for success. Students with aesthetic, creative and a rational approach tend to enjoy the practical work.

The three-year degree course exposes the students to a variety of streams and they include

Apparel and Textiles, Foods and Nutrition, Home Science Extension and Communication Management, Human Development and Family Studies, Resource Management and Consumer Sciences.

The department has well equipped lab &is managed by competent and qualified faculty members. Along with curriculum it promote additional activities like extension education programmes, classes for personal empowerment and articles making classes which not only enhance the skills of students but help in their overall personality development.


Lots of competitions and activities r planned and implemented in the department like:

· Cooking competitions, Nutritional Week celebration, cooking without fire

· Rangoli competition, flower arrangement

· Candle making, pot designing, Festival specials, tie & dye, batik, screen &block printing

· Articles from waste material, different styles of paintings, bandhanwar making

· Soft toys making and endless other creative activities.


Students are motivated for seminar presentations and guest lectures are facilitated by eminent speakers on different topics related to the subject.

Conference on “Role of Applied Science in Community Development” organized in the college premises was grand success with amalgamation of two varied fields of science i.e. bioscience and home science.

Excursions related to curriculum and industrial trips are organized frequently to provide practical knowledge to students.


Study of Home Science offers career options of many kinds. Production jobs, technical jobs, teaching jobs, sales jobs, service jobs or research jobs are popular options.

Production jobs- These jobs cover dress making, food preservation and specialized cooking. Many graduates of home science enter the field of textile designing, fashion designing and dress manufacturing, or work in production unit of the food industry, hotels etc.

Technical jobs- These include jobs of research assistants, food analysts, demonstrators, food scientists etc. in the manufacturing industries.

Teaching jobs - B.Sc. Home Science is a recognized qualification for pre-primary and primary school teaching. Home science post graduates also take up teaching assignments in senior secondary schools and home science colleges.

Sales jobs- Sale promotion of food products, baby foods, and ready to cook foodstuffs is often assigned to home science graduates who are equipped with the relevant knowledge. Sales jobs in the garment sector too are open to Home Science graduates.

Service jobs- Supervision and maintenance of health centers, housekeeping departments of hotels, tourist resorts, catering units, fast food joints etc. are some service options.

Specialist’s placement opportunities -Home Science graduates get executive cadre placements in industry and in private consultancy. Opportunities for specialists in home economics and Family Resource Management are in research and teaching in Housekeeping/Supervision in hospitality centers and hotels, hospitals, canteens, airlines, etc., in Interior Decoration, Consumer counseling and equipment demonstration in private entrepreneurship and in art related options.

Child Development offers employment opportunities in teaching; administration and supervision of centers for the welfare of women and children, consultancy services, toy designing and welfare.

Textile and Clothing specialists' work in textile industries, manufacturing of readymade garments, and as textile and fashion designers.

Food Science & Nutrition specialists work for mother and child health projects as Supervisors of such facilities in the government organizations as well as with NGOs. They can also be employed for R&D in the foods industry and in quality control departments. These specialists could also work as dietitians in hospitals, private, consultancy, etc.

Home Science Extension Educationist relevant for Project officers and supervisors in community development, government schemes for women and media, etc. Research extension workers are involved in educating special segments of the

Home science can be defined as "Education for better living". It explores the plausibility of the establishment of the perfections in the social orders starting from the home life to the community level. On the whole, the goals of Home science can be spell out as "for prosperous living and achieving the highest happiness".

Courses Offered:

B.Sc. Home Science